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Accept Payments Safely and Securely

Whether you're accepting payments online, in-store, or both, cardONE offers a wide variety of 

customizable and secure credit card acceptance solutions.

Our merchant account solutions grow with your business.
As your payment acceptance needs change or expand,
our solutions are prepared to accommodate your evolution.

Cash Discount Program

Legally patented program that allows for 

you to virtually eliminate all of your monthly payment processing costs.  

Software Integration

Payment technology is being leveraged to keep businesses open and provide a way to safely accept payments online or in-person.


Integrating online payment acceptance gives you the ability to securely process transactions based on your business' needs.  

Card Present & Mobile Payment Processing 

Choose from smart EMV desktop terminals to devices that are fully mobile with NFC capabilities, We offer the latest equipment from leading manufacturers, including Ingenico, Pax, Verifone, Clover and more.  Our devices have varying connection options via the internet (ethernet or wifi) and have the ability to accept pin debit transactions.  

ACH Check 

We have partnered with multiple check services providers to help businesses like yours increase sales, while saving time,  money, and reducing risk associated with bad or fraudulent checks.

Gift & Loyalty 

Give your customer another incentive to  revisit your business. Consider this to be an extension of your brand.  Presentation is everything. 

High-Risk Payment

We offer competitive payment processing  solutions for high-risk businesses within various industry verticals.  Whether you have an e-commerce platform, need access to specific gateway or are selling what is considered to be a high-risk product or service,  we can leverage our our access to 35 sponsor banks to facilitate your ability to accept payments, quickly and easily.

​Fraud Mitigation Solutions

Implementing effective fraud prevention measures such as advanced machine learning algorithms, expert human analysis, and real-time fraud alerts, businesses can minimize their risk of fraud and reduce the opportunity for chargebacks.   Our solution is trusted by businesses of all sizes, from small e-commerce startups to large enterprises, and has a proven track record of providing accurate and reliable fraud prevention. Reduce declined orders, maximize sales, eliminate risk, increase revenue, stop chargebacks and secure your e-commerce business today.  

Automated Accounts Receivables 

Put your Account Receivables on cruise control.  Accept payments 24/7,  giving your customers access to making payments anytime, anywhere.   Optional fully integrated B2B payment solutions to fully automate reoccurring payments and invoices.  Get paid faster and reduce overdue invoices by removing the bottlenecks within the  payment collection process.   Automatically sync payments to your accounting software, effectively streamlining  billing and payments through one solution, whether you are using an ERP system like P21, Eclipse, Net Suite or traditional QuickBooks, FreshBooks or Xero accounting software.